Hi, I'm Zafira — sensory storyteller, brand strategist & seasoned copywriter.

And I want to ask you this:

What makes you feel truly... Alive?

For me, it's always been two things:

Water + words.

True to my nature... I'll tell you why — with a good story. 

Three months after having a baby, I found myself at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in January — with temperatures hovering around five degrees Celsius — testing the water with my fingertips.

You see, I’d been practicing cold water exposure for two years and after giving birth, I hadn’t been back in. I’d also found myself struggling to write again, to sleep well again, to feel like… Well, me

“Screw it,” I whispered to myself, and ran back to my house to don my wetsuit. (It didn’t zip up anymore, but I squeezed in halfway.)

The water has always been calmest after a rainstorm, and that morning it was as smooth as glass. Sun streaming through the ripples, rays dancing and beckoning me.

The second I stepped in, it felt like currents of creativity swept over me… And it was a reminder that rituals were what brought me home and put me in flow.

For almost a decade, I've been helping entrepreneurs embrace writing as *their* ritual — cold plunges optional.

That’s because just like the water is where I come alive (and feel healed), I’ve witnessed firsthand how writing holds that same power.

After working with over 100 private clients and dozens of program members over the last decade, it always brings me joy to hear that our collaboration is what finally moved the needle from “this feels stiff and boring” to “this *finally* sounds like me!”

Personality-driven copy, sensory storytelling and creative brand strategy have always been at the heart of every project, course and offer I’ve put out into the world… Along with listening, deeply.

Even though I’ve made a home for myself on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada, I spent most of my life growing up in bright, beautiful and vibrant Kenya.



Went mute for a year at the age of five. Learned to express myself through writing, reading & became a deep listener.


Started copywriting after a career in marketing in higher education. 


Moved to a tiny coastal town in British Columbia, Canada and reignited my love for the ocean.

When you’ve grown up on a farm, in a family filled with chefs and avid readers, your default is to always create nourishing experiences (and hide behind books); which is what I strive to do today --

As a storyteller who can connect your personality on the inside to the words on the outside.

Because contrary to what we might think, wielding our voice with power doesn’t always come easy or naturally to all of us.  At some point — like when I couldn’t handle being a fish out of the water anymore — we’ve all told ourselves:

“I feel so stuck.”

Whether your voice is feeling blocked, suffocated or scared of rising to the surface — I believe writing is one of the best ways to bring it home. And as an entrepreneur, it’s a non-negotiable if you want to connect with your audience and grow your business.

But at the age of five years old, I went mute for a year — which meant I learned how to take a backseat and start expressing myself in other ways, like my words.


Your message isn't something you find

on the surface.


... So that you can unlock it and pour it out feeling truly expressed.


... Kinda like trying to force a wetsuit on that doesn’t quite fit.

Send the weekly email. Write the mandatory number of posts for the Instagram algorithm. Make sure you’re selling, selling, selling.

Where’s the fun in that?

It’s no wonder most folks are left feeling like writing will never be something that comes naturally.

That’s because we haven’t spent enough time writing for ourselves, turning it into a sustainable (and FUN) ritual and *then* bringing that vibrant voice and energy to your business.

When I collaborate with entrepreneurs today, I help them access that space to feel clear, centred, creative and connected to their voice.

It takes space, time and accountability — which is why each of my offerings is designed to help you access the right environment and get there luxuriously.

Because if you don’t give yourself *real* space to find your flow, you’ll dip your toe in occasionally; without ever fully taking the plunge.

No matter how seasoned you are, your voice should never be fully outsourced.

Who can speak your truth better than you?

If you’ll let me, I’ll be your guide to find and own your personality in your copy — so that you can swim away feeling rooted, revitalized and nourished through writing. 


In the online industry, writing is often treated like a chore for your business...

what my clients say:

"A big part of my brand is that I'm very relatable and Zafira really gets that. She writes with a lot of personality as it is, but she was able to write with MY personality! She adopted my voice seamlessly and I just loved reading her emails. They were so entertaining and it's a really good feeling to watch someone do what they are best at.

It was also kind of humbling to be like, okay, well, I thought I wrote pretty good copy... But she can knock it out of the park. We had an amazing launch — I told her she better not book herself out, because I need her! Zafira is the best of the best."

— ROSE HAN, youtuber & money expert


"Working with Zafira (from start to finish) has been THE best! She delivered a personalized experience (crafted with care) at every step. Zafira helped me bring my sales page to life (and intentionally crafted it with my entire essence; emotions, feelings, and senses.)

After reading her copy, I couldn't help but be moved emotionally, with tears welling up in my eyes. She was able to tap into my heart and share my group-coaching opportunity in my voice. As a result, I am more confident and excited to put this offer into the world and share it with my community. Our collaboration was my business's best investment... And gift to myself."




a new memoir

my two rescue dogs

strong chai

Digestive cookies

to Beyoncé

into the Pacific Ocean


Design Your Custom Writing Ritual

In this mini-journal, I’ll guide you towards designing a writing ritual that will help you:

  • Stay accountable to a consistent writing practice
  • Sink into Writing Mode every time you need it
  • Create a nourishing writing ritual you look forward to

It's the self-care practice your business never knew it needed!