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This is for the visionary surfing the tip of a pivot, level up or internal shift...... Who needs to rekindle their creativity to make waves.

This is for the visionary surfing the tip of a pivot, level up or internal shift...

... Who needs to rekindle their creativity to make waves.

Ahhh, creativity: the fickle friend of an entrepreneur. Access to that feeling of Flow State, that bank of new ideas tapping you on the shoulder and that *energy* to sit down and write, create fresh strategies? It's bliss! But like many things in business, it comes in ebbs and flows --

And sometimes, those ebbs last longer than we'd like.

Whether you're returning from maternity leave, recovering from burnout or you've just felt creatively stunted — and this time, you know you need something different than what you've tried before — I invite you to join me inside The Circuit experience. Using the power of writing and *digital* hydrotherapy, we'll help you get your creative spark back. 


Head feeling stuck in the sand? This customized, creative circuit will get you back into flow state.


I'll set the scene to help you warm up your brain and well of inspiration again — tailored to your preferences.


Together, we'll work towards moving you out of your comfort zone — it'll be fun, it'll be messy, it'll be the most fun you've had in a while.


Big Ideas need space to exhale. I'll hold space for them and hold you true to the vision you're working towards. 


Inspired by Scandinavian hydrotherapy — but we're making it digital. Each experience is entirely unique, and is informed by these three steps that we'll cycle through during our time together. 

Elevate your voice through expressing yourself on paper

Unblock your creative energy & find your flow

Take up the space you deserve in your field

Find your excitement and inspiration again

Claim your next identity and truly own it

Receive accountability to follow through on your ideas


As a seasoned storyteller + space holder, I want to help you find your focus.

You could be a creative looking for her next big idea, a writer who desperately needs space to write for themselves or an online entrepreneur who knows they have to think outside the box. No matter where you're at in your journey...

... The Circuit blends storytelling and digital hydrotherapy to help you get there.

It's a process unlike any other; and will be curated specifically to meet your needs.

It's not just a one-time retreat, or a spa day for a quick fix.

This is to help you fill your creative tank with lasting energy, ideas and confidence to express yourself.

How It Works


There are only a handful of The Circuit experiences available a year. If you're curious if it's a fit, apply soon.


We'll meet for a deep dive into what's feeling sticky for you right now, what your goals are and to answer your questions.


Based on our convo, I'll send over a curated proposal for your customized Circuit experience. 

4. kickoff

Once we're all confirmed to go, let's begin! The length of this experience varies from 2-4 months, depending on your needs.


I'll check in with you weekly or bi-weekly (your preference) to guide you through our digital hydrotherapy experience. Expect the perfect balance of ease and energy along the way.


We'll round out our time together with a joint or solo retreat experience (in the USA or Canada) to celebrate your progress, clarify what's coming next and help you move into that next level feel calm, clear and your most creative self!

She's so generous with her time and patience.

"Stop waiting, stop frantically writing, stop slamming your frustrated fingers agains the keyboard and treat yourself and your business to a relaxing experience with Zafira! It's not only a gift to yourself but also to your future clients. Plus she's an absolute joy to spend time with and is so generous with her time and patience as she's working through whatever you send her way!

Zafira, I totally found my voice while working with you. You helped me bridge the gap and create a customer journey that not only brings clarity to my products and services but also makes reading my emails and sales pages fun! Working with you saved me countless hours and stress. I can't wait to work with you in the future!"

— Trish Taylor, Personal Stylist, Branding Coach & Course Creator

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A creative process that led to total inner transformation.

"The last three months of our work together have been a HUGE journey of growth. It absolutely solidified me going from a freelancer who hustles my butt off to being a CEO of an agency who leads people. It was the shedding of a whole skin and a mindset shift — it led to total inner transformation. You exceed my expectations! I didn’t expect to go on such an introspective journey.

It’s a creative process but I felt safe and well taken care of. Thank you for helping me get the big ideas out of my head and onto paper — into things like my About page (which I’ve hired so many copywriters to do, but never used any of them). Zafira, you were instrumental in me restructuring everything in my brand!

— Salome Schillack, Founder of Shine & Succeed

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It's a 5-star experience.

"After our initial call, I knew Zafira was the right fit for my business — she’s calm, clear. confident, and very professional.  She totally got my vision brought it to life. Zafira is as professional as it gets when it comes to working with a service provider!

Her guidance is so on point yet I still felt like I was fully nurtured during the process. I can't say enough good things about working with her. It’s a 5-star experience and my audience is obsessed with what she helped us create!”

— Aggie Burnett, Founder of AB Creative NYC


let's talk numbers:

The Circuit is a five-figure investment.

The Circuit is a five-figure investment.


(Payment plans available!)

Your experience will include elements of the following:

  • 2-4 months of weekly / bi-weekly creative coaching
  • Voxer support during weekdays
  • A curated walkthrough The Circuit digital hydrotherapy experience
  • A customized Circuit workbook 
  • A personalized solo or joint retreat in North America
  • Feedback and support to execute new ideas as they arise
  • Accountability to sustain your creative energy

Ready to find your flow? Apply for a Circuit experience!