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Does writing your website, sales page or email sequence by yourself feel like you're swimming against the tide?

Consider The Spa Week your new lifeboat.

Does writing your website, sales page or email sequence by yourself feel like you're swimming against the tide?

Consider The Spa Week your new lifeboat.

Over the course of one week together, we'll collaborate to help you produce a final and finished deliverable — all you have to do is hand over your research, show up for a kickoff call and let me take care of the rest.

In a single Spa Week, we can tackle your web copy, landing page, sales page, email sequence or strategy for your next launch — your choice.

With over 70+ Spa Weeks under my belt, I've honed this signature process to guarantee a clear message, personality-forward copy and best of all: results like profitable launches, instant engagement and those "oh-this-feels-like-ME!" butterflies when first drafts hit the inbox. 


How It Works


My Spa Week experiences typically book up 2-3 months in advance. Hit apply and get your application in!


If we're a good fit, I'll be in touch to book your kickoff week in my calendar. Woohoo!


Before our Spa Week, I'll send over your "homework" so we're prepped and ready for a productive week ahead.

4. kickoff

We check in at the top of the intensive (typically a Monday) for 60-90 minutes to clarify your needs and messaging. Throughout the week, we’ll touch base as needed.


I'll tuck away into my writing cave for the week and work on pulling your copy together — fuelled by cookies and cold ocean dips. 


You'll receive your copy at the end of our week (Friday) and we'll check in the following Monday to chat edits and revisions. All Spa Weeks include a round of revisions so you walk away with a polished deliverable!

my clients often whisper to me...

"I've worked with copywriters in the past who TRIED to represent me and my products, but they never truly GOT it...

If that's happened to you too, that stops right now.

My specialty is nailing your brand voice and tone from the start.

The Spa Week is a high-touch, low-stress approach to conversion copy: one that makes sure we never miss the mark (and still sound human). 

I bring fresh eyes, soulful strategy and space for you to truly open up and bring your TRUE voice to the table. 

Leave the rest to me.

Until I found you!"

When I ask clients about their Spa Week experience, they often say:

"Your feedback is SO refreshing."

You only see what YOU can see. I've helped clients realize where they were giving away too much value, how to optimize their offer, make their launches more profitable and diagnosed messaging mishaps in a millisecond. If you value honest-yet-nurturing input, you'll get that here.

"This would have taken me FOREVER to do on my own."

What could you truly accomplish in a week for your business (or treat yourself to) if you didn't have to worry about your copy? Clients consistently say The Spa Week saved them so much time!

"I have so much I can use moving forward!"

In all we create, I prioritize crafting messaging and showing you tricks that are multi-purpose and versatile: so that you can sprinkle it into your social posts, newsletters and future launches. (The Virgo in me thrives on this stuff!)


"She makes rebranding relaxing!"

When I was building a team of experts to help me rebrand my business, Zafira was my top choice! I already knew a Spa Week with Zafira would be magical because her writing programs soothed my soul.

In a week, she was able to come up with a brand theme that felt so authentically me, refine my web copy, and expertly weave in actual client language that I know will connect me with people I can truly help. If you are looking for an expert who can help you 'speak' directly into the hearts of your clients, then Zafira is your person. Thank you, Zafira, for making my rebranding process so relaxing!

— Nisha Kunder, Conscious Leadership Coach


“I just had my biggest launch ever — $136K!”

I knew going into the second launch of my program that I wanted to upgrade my sales page from its Frankenstein long-form page. I needed help capturing my personality while clearly and effectively communicating my offer. Zafira helped shine the light on all the right parts of my offer and elevated my brand voice. She went above and beyond by helping me with strategy, pricing, VSL scripts and naming modules. As a result, I just had the biggest launch ever -- $136K!!! And more importantly, it attracted the most amazing cohort of motivated, action-oriented students. If you do the math, the ROI was 90%. Sign me up again, please!

— Emily Reagan, Digital Marketing Consultant & Course Creator


"She just *got* what I wanted to communicate."

"Zafira was great at gently nudging me to be more specific, which helped create really textured and nuanced copy. She seemed to effortlessly 'get' what I was hoping to communicate with my potential clients and made the whole process really useful and even fun! She embodies this ease that naturally helped me relax in the process along the way.

Somehow, she captured the challenges of seeking/being in therapy with humour and authenticity for my website — and I can't wait to work with her again!"

— Myra Batalvi, Registered Psychotherapist


"I wouldn't trust anyone else to nail my voice more than Zafira."

I have loved my Spa Week experiences from beginning to end! The process is always so seamless with Zafira asking all of the right questions to really understand my work, my business and my needs for my launch. She wrote my sales page and email sequence and, once I recover from this launch, I would love for her to dive into more copy for me! Our launch did so well. I wouldn't trust anyone more to nail my voice the way she did. She really listened to what I needed and I have LOTS to work with moving forward. Thank you SO much!

— Saleema Noon, Sexual Health Educator


“Want to turn website visitors into paying clients? Work with Zafira.”

Best decision ever to hire Zafira! I'm truly grateful a world class copywriter has written the words for my website, which represents me and the work that I do! After following Zafira for some time, I finally took action and we worked together. The copy she has written is truly heartwarming and I can't wait to put these words out into the world and serve more of my ideal clients.

Thank you Zafira for your amazing words, your kindness and openness and for a truly wonderful and empowering Spa Week. I highly recommend working with Zafira if you want to turn website visitors into paying clients and to uplevel your business. Truly, one of the best investments and decisions I've made in my business.

— Emily May, Mindful Marketing Strategist & Business Coach


"Zafira has super-human access to your brain."

Zafira is very quick to pick up what people are trying to put down. I have worked in public, private & NGO and never have I ever worked with someone in communications who can articulate so clearly and marry the perfect words together to make for an even more perfect sentence.... In such a short period of time. This would normally take weeks of back and forth to get on the same page. She is GIFTED!

Zafira is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure of working with. She is able to translate the client's vision and voice so succinctly that you think she has some kind of super-human access to your brain. You'll be amazed and beyond wowed with how she's able to bring your ideas, vision and voice to life. Thank you, Zafira — you are a brilliant gift to the world!

— Sonja Foley, Co-Founder of Maturn


"I'm already dreaming up our next project together!"

Zafira is AMAZING. She really takes the time to get to know you and then truly writes in your voice. She never made me wonder what was going to happen next or if I was in good hands — I knew I was the whole time! 

I also love the way our evergreen email sequence turned out — I feel like she really took the time to understand me, my heart, my story, and this product, and then combined what she learned about me with what she knew about conversion copywriting. It was so efficient. pleasant and just such a better way of doing things. I am SO glad to have gotten to connect with her. I'm already dreaming up the next project I want to do together!

— Stephanie May Wilson, Author & Podcaster

let's talk numbers:

The Spa Week is an investment of $3497.

The Spa Week is an investment of $3497.


(Payment plans available!)

In a single Spa Week, we can tackle ONE of the following:

  • 3-4 pages of web copy
  • A long-form sales page
  • A full launch or nurture email sequence 
  • Strategy for your next launch

Need more copy? We can turn it into a Spa Month — no problemo. Grab your spa robe and apply below!